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A small exclusive timeshare resort with a magnificent location on the banks of Loch Tay, close to the picturesque village of Kenmore.


The Kenmore Club is a wonderful facility set in Highland Perthshire in Kenmore and is beautifully situated on the banks of Loch Tay.

The Club was founded in 1988 and was originally owned by Elliot Leisure a local company. Since then the club has gone through several Management Companies and Owners and is now owned By Diamond Resorts and managed by them. Approximately 25% of the available weeks are owned by Fixed Week Owners with the remainder owned by Diamond Resorts.

This site is mainly for the use of the Fixed Week Owners who wish to buy, sell or rent out their owned weeks. Obviously anyone else who wishes to purchase weeks can utilise the site to contact our sellers or renters and the intention is to put the prospective purchasers/renters in touch with the sellers/renters. Terms of service are described in the following pages.

The Kenmore Club has an excellent restaurant run as a franchise by Cameron and Heather Smith which is especially popular with the local residents as well as our owners. Recent upgrades to the pavilion have provided extra space for the restaurant/bar and a covered walkway to the swimming pool which has improved access. A new reception was also built and is in a more sensible position than previously. The tennis court has also recently been refurbished and we now have better wifi facilities on site.

It is unnecessary to tell our members about the attractions of the Kenmore Club as they are obvious to all and speak for themselves. We have included some of the best images of Kenmore on this site.

We wish to emphasise that this site is run by the owners and is nothing to do with the Committee of the Club and details of the Committee Members, Minutes, AGM Agendas and Minutes are available on Diamond Resorts website under the Kenmore Club Portal which members can access.


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It is all about great tasting fresh ingredients.

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